Touché July 11, 2014
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 Sunday Before Soccer

I was hoping for the Netherlands to be playing in the World Cup Championship on Sunday.   I had my windmill tie dry cleaned and ready and Andrew had his Netherlands shirt set to wear, but alas, it will not be.   I do have just as exciting an alternative for you this Sunday- our quarterly congregational meeting!  You have to figure out whether I am talking about how exciting congregational meetings are, or how exciting watching soccer is.  If you saw the Netherlands semi-final you would probably choose a congregational meeting.

We will have fun on Sunday.  It is an opportunity to share what has happened this past program year.  We will hear from staff and leaders about youth, children’s ministry, Odyssey, Stephen Ministry, Alpha and missions.  It will be better than penalty kicks.

It will also be a time to hear where we are going in staffing, in Faithwalking and going “Deeper and Wider in Hopewell Junction.”  We will prepare you for an organ rebuild and present a ministry description for a Director of the Music Ministry at Hopewell. (That ministry description  is attached.)  Our deacons will update you on finances (there is some good news here) and we will have the opportunity for questions from the floor.

All said we will have you home in time for the first kick and a nice nap.  We begin at noon in the Fellowship Hall and the World Cup begins at 3PM.

It’s going to be exciting! (You decide which one I am talking about.)


(As Warren Jee tells me, three billion people can’t be wrong.)

(As my dry cleaner tells me, the Super Bowl is 10% of the viewing audience of the World Cup.)