Touché July 18, 2014
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A Tree Grows in Hopewell

When Rachel had borne Joseph, Jacob said to Laban, “Send me away, that I may go to my own home and country”. (Genesis 30:25)

Hilary came home on Wednesday.  Thursday morning she was walking around the house with her husband Tyler and she pointed to our Linden tree in the front yard.  “That tree has grown so big; I remember when it was just a twig”.  Uwe Pabst, a member of Hopewell who smuggled Bibles behind the Iron Curtain, planted that tree as a gift when we first moved to Hopewell.  Hilary, as a sixth grader, helped him plant it and now returns home with her new husband to see how it has grown.

There is something sacred about that tree, its history and its story, that represents the journey of the Holbrook family in Hopewell.  I am excited about introducing my church family to my son-in-law on Sunday.  It is a dream come true for a father to see how much joy is shared by his daughter in marriage.

It is a fitting day to finish a summer series on Biblical Family Systems as Jacob goes home.  He is fearful that he will be destroyed by the “fighter” Esau, but instead Esau throws his arms around Jacob and welcomes him.  The power of forgiveness changes families and passes on blessings.

I am so grateful for Hilary returning home to her church family, but I am also thankful for the trees that Hilary and Tyler will plant in their home and on their journey.  The promise of God’s steadfast love is shared to the thousandth generation of the children of Jacob.  I figure that is about right where our generation fits in.  May you know the blessing of that steadfast love and the power of forgiveness and healing wherever you are on your journey with your family and the God of Jacob.

In Christ,