Touché – August 8, 2014
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A Guest Touché from Wesley Joseph:

You may notice something missing from our worship, something that we take for granted as the sound of our 10:30 Foundations service.

Our organ will be taking a vacation this August to undergo some much-needed restoration. If the keyboards and pedalboard are the brain of the organ, and the pipes the hands and feet, what’s coming out is the nervous system.

Every pipe in the organ is connected to the keyboard by long wooden slats and metal elbows. Most of these pieces are original to the instrument and over 100 years old! Over time, they expand, contract, and break. It’s time to replace them all with uniform, new pieces that will make the organ play and sound smoother than it’s sounded since it was installed here. In addition, the organ will have a new tremolo installed, to add another sonic possibility to the organist’s options.

Buying a pipe organ was a tremendous investment for a small congregation of farmers and tradespeople 100 years ago. They believed that God would continue to be faithful to their spiritual descendants and hoped that their investments would last lifetimes. God has been faithful to this congregation and our organ has played well for 110 years. With this investment, the organ will continue to play well for another 100 years.

We have an opportunity to step out in faith, believing that God will continue to be faithful to Hopewell for another 100 years. The cost of this restoration is $32,000. $20,000 of that has already been supplied by past giving. That means we are looking for $12,000 of special, designated giving to cover the rest. If you have been blessed by the organ and musicians at Hopewell, please consider giving so that future generations can experience the same blessings. All you need to do is to write a check with “organ fund” in the memo line.  You can give right now online with a credit/debit card, or electronic check :  simply click the bar that says “General Budget” to “Organ Fund 2014”. Click Here to go to the online giving site.

Once we experience the missing sound for a month, I believe we will have a new appreciation for the faithfulness of our spiritual ancestors, the faithfulness of God, and the faithfulness he calls us all to as well.

In Christ,

Wesley Joseph

p.s. – a giving plan to reach our goal:

3 gifts of $1,000-5 gifts of 500-10 gifts of $250-15 gifts of $100-25 gifts of $50-50 Gifts of $25