Touché August 15, 2014
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Everything You Can Do Is Pray

A year ago this week was Andrew’s car accident; it changed many things in many ways.  In the early days so many people said: “all we can do is pray.”  I learned through those first weeks to respond with the truth: “everything you can do is pray.”  I felt the power of prayers in those days in ways that I had not experienced before.  Paul’s words came back to me: “Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Thinking about how to mark this one year remembrance, I was led to a time of prayer for HRC and my leadership here.  The power poured out in Andrew’s life through people at prayer is the power I pray for in HRC in this coming year.  Saturday morning at 8 I will begin 24 hours of prayer and fasting in our sanctuary.  You are invited to join me at any time.  It will not be time of silence; you are welcome to come and speak about what is on your heart, or visions that God has given you.  It will be a time of prayer to speak with God, hear from God and hear from any who wish to share.

Our church has experienced a year of transition and challenge.  Mark Mast will be preaching Sunday for the call at the Reformed Church of New Paltz.  September 7, our kick-off Sunday, will likely be his last Sunday at Hopewell as he continues his ministry in the Hudson Valley, but not at HRC.  Some of our plans for Odyssey are not working out the way we had hoped and we need prayer for the next stages of ministry in that amazing witness to the hope of the gospel.  This year we had an elder who was elected—but not ordained—withdraw from the church in frustration over the process to deal with questions raised by one person in preparation for ordination.  That has been very hard and we need to pray for healing for all involved.  We also face new financial challenges as giving has declined.  Everything we can do is pray.

I will come out of prayer to step into the creek to baptize Nili Jerome and Linda Smith—one who celebrated her first Christmas as a Christ follower last year, the other, from our Glory Bound band, discovered that she had never been baptized. She has stepped into a deeper understanding of the Gospel in the last ten years.  We will also baptize young Katie Mendez, whose family has found life in Christ. Kim and Fernando Medina will confirm their baptisms from years ago.  Also, the search team will recommend Kate MacLeod this week for the position of Director of Music Ministry.  Our Faithwalking team continues to look into the ways we can grow deeper and wider in Hopewell Junction.  In these times of great anticipation, everything we can do is pray.

Finally I learned a year ago what I already knew: Jesus Christ is hope of the world.  I don’t want anybody to go through life or death without knowing that hope. I am more committed than ever to that truth guiding everything we do as we go “deeper and wider in Hopewell Junction.” Everything we can do is pray.  Please join me.

In Christ,