Touché September 5, 2014
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Top Ten Reasons to be at Tymor this Sunday at 10:30 AM

10.       We will celebrate communion under the sky.

9.         You will join five hundred people from five Hopewell services (Odyssey, Common Ground, Gatherings, Foundations, and Recharge).

8.         You can sit in your own comfortable chair.

7.        Pure Joy Band will be playing- with one of the best brass sections in Dutchess County. (Terry Seregely will be playing trumpet after being in the hospital in Chicago four weeks ago.)

6.        There will be dancing.

5.         We will introduce our new Director of Music Ministry-Kate MacLeod.

4.         All cash given that day will go to Odyssey.

3.         We will have an all church picnic (bring a salad or dessert).

2.         Mark Mast will preach and we will have the opportunity to bless him and his family in his new call to the New Paltz Reformed Church.

And the top reason to be at Tymor as 10:30 AM this Sunday:

We celebrate God’s goodness in the ministry of Mark and all that God will do in this coming year at HRC.

We will see you there for the feeding of five hundred.

In Christ,


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