Touché October 10, 2014
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Sunday on the Field with Hopewell

I hope that I am standing on Sunday after the marathon, because I will be standing for a longer time as we are having a congregational meeting.  This is the fourth meeting since we decided to have quarterly gatherings with the congregation.  I believe that it has been helpful in keeping communication lines open.

This Sunday the Jets play the Broncos, so we will see if we get finished by 1 PM  (I do have a DVR).  I wanted to give you a teaser of the plays for this congregational meeting

Here is the game plan:

Odyssey-We will have an update from Odyssey about happenings there and exciting ways Odyssey is growing.

Staffing- We will share developments in our staffing structure with Kate MacLeod coming on in Music Ministry and the introduction of Wesley Joseph as our seminary intern working with discipleship and as our new (old) organist.  We will talk about some adjustments of job descriptions and further work with our staff.

Faithwalking– The process, formally known as Ridder, continues to move along.  The Faithwalking team sees this as a primary discipleship model for HRC, but it is not a program or a structure that fits into a box or a binder.  We continue to grow in an understanding of how we live into this process at Hopewell.

Investment Team Presentation– This will be a handout and information that highlights our different investment funds and encouragement for people to be aware of the options especially as people prepare their wills and long-term giving.

2014-2015 Budget-We have seen an increase in giving, especially in response to our Christmas and Easter challenges; with some of our staffing adjustments, this gives us room to breathe and to devote money to ministry in some different ways.

Questions, comments and concerns

Hopefully that is enough of a teaser to get you away from the pre-game and into the Fellowship Hall.  It is always good to be together and I love to see the faces of life and encouragement that make up HRC.  It is true; I enjoy you much more than even Payton Manning.

In Christ,