Touché   October 17, 2014
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Having Fun with the Deacons

But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare. (Jeremiah 29:7)

We had a fun deacons’ budget meeting on Tuesday night.  Those words don’t usually go together in a sentence, but this was a meeting about the mission budget at HRC.  We designate ten percent of our total income to go to mission. (We do give a great deal more through additional appeals through Beds INC, Mary Merillat Mission Tree and other mission requests, but we make sure we tithe on the general fund as a foundation of our mission giving.)  I have not been a part of this for a while as Mark would oversee the funding of missions, so it was a time for me to come back and look with fresh eyes on the missions that HRC supports.

The first celebration is that we will support Odyssey for $20,000 from our ministry budget and not our mission budget.  This is recognition that Odyssey is a ministry of this church and not a separate mission outside of this church.  The financial support for Odyssey does not come out of the ten percent for mission.

The second celebration is how many “home grown” missionaries and mission organizations we support.  Ten years ago we did not have any of our own names on this list. Today we support: Rachel Snider in the Dominican Republic,  Kevin Phillips in work in India, Tina Smith in South Africa, Hilary (Holbrook) and Tyler Jarratt with Campus Outreach in San Diego, Robin (Lotze) and Kevin Froehlich with YWAM in Malaysia, Patrick Boyd in Seminary and Wesley Joseph in Seminary (Wes, through our discipleship budget, not through our mission budget.) We also touch local missions through support of Hudson River Housing and the Homeless Shelter, as a partner church with Love INC, Kids Hope and Family Promise.

A sign of going “Deeper and Wider” in Hopewell Junction is the way this area of our mission has grown as more people are called into full-time mission, and we connect with more organizations that minister in our area.  We were able to increase funding for all these missionaries and organizations as our giving has improved and we increase our projections for the coming year.

We celebrate external missionaries we support, especially the people HRC has had strong connections with: Tom Johnson in Niger, Doug Leonard in the Middle East, Brian Roberg with Disiciplemakers, Carol Mallory and the Salays with Wycliffe and Dr. Fernando with STINT.  All these missionaries saw increases in their funding and we enjoy the connections we have with them.  We continue to support, at lower levels, missionaries that we are less familiar with: the Niles in Madagascar, the Reilly’s with Teen Missions, the Bridges in Germany, Pastor Ebenezer in India and the Brownells in Japan.

Our partnerships are the strength of going deeper as we see discipleship developing through the partnerships we share with CMP, the family mission trips we take, Sowers of the Kingdom in the D.R. and a new partnership with the Salays in Ecuador.

Ten percent of our mission  budget goes to support scholarships for youth and adults as they head on mission trips and eight percent of our mission budget supports seed money for new missions, requests from organizations and special appeal and discipleship money that encourages deeper growth in mission.


It was fun to put dollars to dreams, restore cuts and increase giving to those who are living into their 167 calling.  I give you just a taste of the joy in this Touché so that you can celebrate the way your giving is blessing God’s ministry in our Jerusalem (Hopewell) Judea (United States) Samaria (North America) and the World (the World).

Yours from the Deacon Party,