Touché October 24, 2014
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Bessie is Back!

And all the people went up following him, playing on pipes and rejoicing with great joy, so that the earth quaked at their noise. (1 Kings 1:40)

I do not know if anyone has ever given our organ a name.  I do not know if organs are given a gender, but I like to think of our 1904 Emmons-Howard Tracker organ as the grand old dame that has graced our sanctuary for over one hundred years.  She just had her one hundred year tune up. Matthew and Ryan, the organ builders who were cleaning out dirt that they claim was pre-World War I, said she should be good to go for the next one hundred years.  Maybe only Sophia, who will be baptized on Sunday, will be around to test their claim, but I am excited by what will happen on Sunday.  Wesley Joseph will be back at the organ bench as our organist again.  He has guided this process and has a great love for this instrument, so it is fitting that he will lead our singing in Foundations.  I am also excited because Wesley Joseph is returning from Western Seminary where he has just completed his first on-site visit to seminary as part of his distance learning program.  He will be introduced as our Seminary Intern with responsibility for Discipleship ministry.  He will oversee Alpha, ChristCare and be a part of our Faithwalking Team.  His musical gifts with theological training will be a great gift to the next one hundred years of the church’s ministry.  Come celebrate Bessie and Wes.

We have raised all but around $2,000 of what was needed to repair the organ without the use of General Fund money.  Wisely we had invested in an organ repair/replacement fund.  We also received over $8,000 of additional gifts to make sure the costs were covered.  If you have not yet given, I invite you to do so that by the time that Bessie is singing we have covered the full costs of this one hundred year restoration. Click here to donate.

Once you have heard the organ, go into the kitchen and take a look at the counters.  We have replaced the counters with granite and Carl Nussle said: “These will last one hundred years.”  Again we will need to trust Sophia to test Carl’s claim, but as the old ones were fraying, the new ones will give us beautiful service for decades and perhaps centuries.  Thanks to Les and Anne Jackson who worked with Carl Nuessle and his son on this project and the generous donors who gave to the memorial fund in memory of members who enjoyed that kitchen.  This renovation was also covered outside of the General Fund.  We can be thankful for that.

The most important thing that we can remember is that we are a church called to witness to Christ alive in our time and in our day so that the good news that is shared with Sophia on Sunday is carried to her children’s children and beyond.

Thank you!


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