Touché November 14, 2014
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Beds INC

If you have nothing with which to pay, why should your bed be taken from under you?

(Proverbs 22:27)

I remember the grandmother that was going to have her first night in her own bed without her three grandchildren in a long time.  I remember the mattress that we removed from a dark and empty house. It looked like it had been pulled from a dumpster and now was headed back to a dumpster. When we peeled the plastic off a new mattress, the woman bounced down on it with great joy.   The stories from the last five years of Hopewell’s ministry of Beds In the Name of Christ could go on for a long time and I certainly hope that they continue on after this Thanksgiving.

Our Thanksgiving offering has gone to Beds INC for a number of years.  Two years ago the outpouring was amazing.  I believe we received around $10,000.  We have given beds from those gifts for two years.  That money has now been used up, but our task is not complete.  We have a vision that HRC will be the church that makes sure that anybody in the greater Poughkeepsie area who needs a bed will have one.  Matt Williams has led this ministry. He has passed the leadership to Bob Cohen, who has helped with the ministry. We continue to fund the ministry and Marty Glassburg provides us the beds.

If you receive offering envelopes, there is a special envelope for Thanksgiving.  If you come to worship at 7:30 pm on Thanksgiving Eve, the entire offering will go to Beds INC.  If you send a check and note on the memo line “Beds INC”. it will go to this fund.  If you give online and designate Beds INC, it will go there as well.  Anyway you do it; I encourage you to do it.  This ministry has been a blessing to the Hudson Valley. Our Sunday school kids are collecting “Pennies for Pillows” to join in ministry with the adults in living into the vision of a bed for everyone.

If you would like to deliver beds and share in the stories, please let me know by clicking here. I will make sure you get an opportunity to ride on a delivery.

Thanks so much for your support in the past and thanks for keeping the stories going.

In Christ,