Touché   November 21, 2014
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Membership Matters

“Be assured that as you declare your faith, God will be faithful to strengthen you, and to renew you by the Holy Spirit, that you may grow in grace and knowledge, and may keep this covenant faithfully all your days.” (RCA Liturgy)

This Sunday before Thanksgiving we are grateful to receive ten new members into the Hopewell Reformed Church.  Chuck and Vicki Munson, with their children Chuckie, Tommy and Mackenzie (though they may have a conflict this Sunday), Gerry and Marina Smith, Joe and Debbie Senesi, Kate and Manny Valdivia and Scott Westgate and Inis Garcia, along with Scott’s kids: Alexa, Emma and Braedon, will all make covenantal vows with members of HRC. They promise they will be faithful members of this congregation, and, through worship and service, seek to advance God’s purposes here and throughout the world.

 In the weeks that we have met as a new member’s group we have built the vision around these expectations of membership at HRC:

 Discipleship-Authentic Community-that develops around and sustains a shared vision

Hopewell’s hope for you:

  • A daily encounter with the word of God.
  • Participation in a small group.
  • Identification of use of spiritual gifts (
  • A mentor, mentee relationship
  • Participation in retreats and growth opportunities (i.e. Tres Dias, Days Away, Weekend retreats, Bible 101, Bible 365)
  • Giving faithfully and generously to the work of God through the church.

 Mission-Radical Obedience-leads to a missional life

Hopewell’s hope for you:

  • A 167 calling
  • Making a dent in the world
  • Making a dent in the church
  • Finding hurts and healing them
  • Finding needs and filling them

Worship-(Reflective Life-where your word increasingly co-creates the world with God)

Hopewell’s hope for you:

  • Corporate worship as a priority for living
  • Private worship as a priority for each day
  • Continual worship as a reflection of God’s grace

I hope all of us consider our covenant here at HRC as these people make promises this Sunday and each one of us continues to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

In Him,


P.S. You will be able to read more about each of these families in your Winter Hopewell Happenings.