Christmas Greetings from the Holbrooks
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This morning in the Book of Common Prayer I read these words:

 Our soul waits for the Lord: he is our help and our shield.

Indeed, our heart rejoices in him: for in his holy name we put our trust.

 That sums up our year pretty well: lots of rejoicing, and also some hard days where we must simply hand over our worries and struggles to God and put our trust in Him. But back to the rejoicing!

Andrew is just finishing up exams for his two classes at Hope, and will be home by the time you read this note. He looks great, works hard, and continues to make progress in his recovery.

Sarah and her coworker Shay have been promoted to run the farm where they work in Stuyvesant, NY.  We have been blessed with her beautiful organic bounty all the way up to pumpkin season and believe she has found her professional calling.

We celebrated with great joy the wedding of Hilary and Tyler in March; they love married life and ministry in San Diego, and still find opportunities to visit Gabriel House in Mexico, where Hilary leaves a little a piece of her heart every time she goes.

We look forward to having all the “kids” home for Christmas.

I love being back teaching, and Taylor and I feel grateful to live together again after my year in Michigan.  He is in his 16th year at Hopewell Reformed Church, still going strong, and he ran a marathon in October just to prove it.

We wish you the joy and peace that can be found in all circumstances, through the One whose birth we celebrate in this season.


The Holbrooks: Taylor, Cathy, Sarah and Andrew (as well as Hilary & Tyler Jarratt)


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