Touché December 26, 2014
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Home for Christmas

This Sunday we will have both of our morning worship services at Hopewell. I want to be clear about that because sometimes we have had a single service between Christmas and the New Year. They will be great services because we have some missionaries home for Christmas. Rachel Snider will be sharing about ministry in the D.R., as well as new missionaries that we have picked up this year, Hilary and Tyler (Holbrook) Jarratt, who work with Campus Outreach at San Diego State. I am hoping that Tina and Skipper Smith might show up as well as they joined us in worship on Christmas Eve. (They returned to the states to make visa provisions.) To me, hat sounds like a party that you won’t want to miss. See you Sunday as we conclude our Christmas series with the final vision of “Seeing Salvation.”

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