Touché January 9, 2015
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Re: Make A Dent!

If you have gone through new members groups at HRC you know the story of Verne Woolen.  He signed my senior yearbook with three simple words: Taylor, Make a Dent!  That has been our membership credo since I came to Hopewell.  Our expectation for everyone in this congregation is that they find at least one way to make a dent, inside the church and outside the church.


This Sunday we start “Make a Dent–Inside Edition.”  We look at major areas of ministry inside the church, starting with Worship and Prayer, moving to Discipleship and closing with Operations and Care.  On January 25 we will have a Ministry Fair after both services. Our goal is to have everybody who calls Hopewell home to have a place in ministry inside the church–from serving coffee to singing in the choir, we want everybody engaged in some form of ministry by the end of the month.


February is “Make a Dent–Outside Edition.”  We have been talking about going “deep and wide in Hopewell Junction.”  This will be a month of mission with the hope that everyone who calls Hopewell home will have a mission in the community or the world that they can identify with.  We will close the series off with a Mission Fair following both services on February 18.


During this month we will bring in three leaders from Hopewell Junction to speak about the issues facing our community.  John Hickman, the town supervisor, will represent East Fishkill on February 1. Kevin Keefe, the chief of police, will talk about issues he sees facing our community and Mr. Olavarria, the principal at Gayhead elementary, will talk about the issues facing kids in our community.


We begin this series with a congregational meeting on Sunday looking at the year that was and the year that will be.  Four people are willing to step up and be nominated for the 2015 consistory.  The consistory slate of nominees is:


Deacons–Nelson Nieves and Harvey Jennings.  Nelson has been invited to serve because he has deep connections with our mission work and a heart for making a dent in the world.  Harvey is the father of younger children involved in our youth ministry and Sunday school, and he brings experience as an assistant principal and teacher that will encourage strength in our youth and children’s ministry.


Elders – Kevin Warren and Kurt Knoernschild. Kevin is invited back onto the board of elders as a leader of this congregation who is leading people in a deeper love for the Bible.  Kurt Knoernschild is nominated for the first time, though he has been an elder in the Presbyterian Church.  Kurt is one of our most faithful teachers in Sunday school for over fifteen years and represents a maturity of faith that will serve HRC well.


These four will make significant dents in the work here and in the world, but only so far as each of us step into the ministries to which God is calling each of us.


Looking forward, Taylor