Touché January 30, 2015
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East Fishkill-A Great Place to Live

This Sunday our “Make A Dent” theme shifts to outside edition.  We are going “Deep and Wide in Hopewell Junction.” John Hickman, our Town Supervisor, will share with us some of the major issues facing our community.  We will honor those from our congregation who work for the town. I will be preaching from Jonah, a book that defines the people of God as being blessed to be a blessing.  It is what we need to be about as the local church.

In Jeremiah God calls the people to seek the welfare of the city in which they live, for in its welfare they will find their welfare.  It is an amazing statement for these people.  They did not like the Babylonians and yet God calls them to pray for the best for their community.  Years later Jesus would call his followers to be salt and light in the world and Paul speaks about Christians giving off the pleasing “aroma” of Christ.  It is time for us all to consider the ways that we will serve our community and the world.  How do we smell?

I hope all of you have identified at least one inside ministry in the church where you are serving, or want to start serving.  Last week we had our ministry fair- inside edition.  This next three weeks the gospel invites us to take it to the streets.  We will have leaders from our community speaking about the needs here; besides John Hickman we will hear from Kevin Keefe, our chief of Police and Jose Olavarria the principal at Gayhead, the school we partner with for Kids Hope.  February 15 we will hold a mission fair; Kids Hope, Love INC, CMP, Beds INC and mission around the world will all be represented.  Our goal is for each of us to identify at least one place we will make a dent in ministry in the world.

The town hall motto is: East Fishkill – A Great Place to Live.  The blessing of the people of Christ is that our mission is to help it to be so. I look forward to living into that with you.

In Christ,