Touché February 20, 2015
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Encounter-They Met Jesus

“Suddenly Jesus met them and said, “Greetings!” And they came to him, took hold of his feet, and worshiped him.” (Matthew 28:9)

The first followers of Christ were called: “People of the Way.” Through the Sundays of Lent leading to Easter we will meet people who Jesus met “on the way.”  These are some of the extended personal stories of biblical characters for whom we have names, or in some cases I am giving them names.

Here are the introductions for Sunday mornings:

February 22    Nicodemus- The Twice Born                                     John 3: 1-17

March 1          Samantha of Samaria-A Well Worn Woman                        John 4:1-42

March 8          Blind Bart-The Seeing Blind Man                             John 9:1-41

March 15        Legion-The Many                                                       Luke 8:26-39

March 22        Reginald-The W.A.S.P                                               Luke 18:18-27

March 29        Zacchaeus-The Mafia Midget                                                Luke 19:1-10

April 5            Mary Magdalene-Messenger of a New World          John 20:1-18

On Wednesday nights we will meet other people who have met Jesus “on the way.”   We will hear the stories of people whose names we know as they share their stories.  I look forward to these evenings of sharing of food at 6:30 PM and worship at 7:15 PM.

On Sunday mornings through Lent we will meet one of the “Magnificent Seven.”  You will be introduced to the confirmation group of 2015.  We start with Cameron Conston this Sunday and will meet: Kayla Bocianowski, Michael Friary, Dylan Gold, Madison Hanna, Nicole Petruzzi and Miriam Shogren in the following weeks.  Each one will be introduced and help lead in worship.  They all will be introduced with their mentors next Sunday. Their stories of encounter with Jesus will be the next stories of faith in Jesus.

Lent was that time in the early church when new disciples would prepare for their baptisms on Easter.  The forty days of Lent were times of teaching and practicing the ways of Christ.  I pray these are days of encounter with Jesus for all of us as we travel “the way” together.

I look forward to: stories written long ago, stories being shared today, and stories yet to be written by people “on the way.”