Touché February 27, 2015
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The Big Ask II

Here am I; send me! (Isaiah 6:8)

We had a very successful Ministry Fair and a very successful Mission Fair.  We are talking about creating “Make A Dent” T-Shirts to keep the vision flowing.  I heard many comments that people were “making a dent” in the parking lot with all the ice and the snow of this best of all possible winters.

I have no way of measuring whether we reached our goal of having everyone who calls Hopewell their spiritual home having at least one ministry inside the church and one mission outside the church. The big ask for Beds INC hit a sweet spot.  Debbie Ball has agreed to coordinate delivery of beds and many guys with trucks have stepped up to help out.  We are looking to head to Lake Placid next Saturday and pick up three hundred beds.  We are hoping to have a “Bed Blitz” soon to cover all the Love INC clients who have been waiting for beds.

We did not have the same response with Kids Hope.  It was overwhelming to see all the opportunities in the Fellowship Hall.  People may have grazed at the tables instead of signing on the dotted line. We have four people to go through mentor training this Sunday.  We need fourteen more to reach our goal.  I am praying for a mission miracle that sees fourteen people ready to be trained this Sunday.  That will leave us four short, but I trust God will fill in the rest.

This is a signature mission of HRC as we seek to go deeper and wider in Hopewell Junction.  I have talked to Valley Christian about joining in a mentor ministry at VanWyck, but Gayhead teachers are asking for more volunteers for kids who are on the margins.  I know that we want to respond when our community asks,  and those who have served as mentors know that the blessings flow through this ministry. I hope that there are folks out there who are willing and available to step into this ministry.  If you are considering this, I invite you to e-mail Shelly Stensrud, one of our Kids Hope leaders, using the form below. The  training will be from 12-3 pm this Sunday.  I will ask her to make ten more packets.  I believe in miracles.  I will pay for the extra pizza (that’s a miracle).

You can be a part of a mission miracle and make a difference in the life of a kid and the life of Hopewell Junction.

Thank you for considering this.