Touché April 10, 2015
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Practicing Resurrection- Beyond the Buzz

…we must grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ… (Ephesians 4:15)

 This weekend celebrates the convergence of a whole bunch of things.

Sunday I will begin a series based upon Ephesians that is titled: Practicing Resurrection-Growing up in Christ.  Eugene Peterson wrote a book on this title and it is reflective of a desire to go deep as well as wide.

Friday and Saturday leaders and lovers of Hopewell Reformed Church will gather for a retreat that will be digging deeper into the Ridder process as we look at our mental models of discipleship.  As we have journeyed with Ridder and the Faithwalking process the team has really seen that Faithwalking puts “flesh on the bone” of 167 Living.  It is what we have been looking for all along- a way to understand how transformation takes place in the life of followers of Christ.

As we have prepared for this weekend, our team has taken a journey back through retreats, vision statements and work we have done on transformation and we see a significant shift that will be introduced this weekend.  Through the history of our long range planning processes, we have always begun with what the church is going to do and what the church is going to be.  This is backward; corporate transformation starts with personal transformation and as much planning as we do to look at the future of the church, if we are all not going deeper and wider in our own growth with Christ it will be another program, or another statement that does not get to transformational change.

This is the right time, the right place, the right process to look at Paul’s letter to that church in Ephesus and ask how does the power that raised Christ from the dead take root in our lives.  This will certainly lead to that power being evidenced in our church, in our plans and in our future.

In Christ all things hold together, that is the ultimate convergence I pray for to take place in each one of our lives.

If you are a leader or a lover of HRC join us at 6 PM tonight in the Community Room and come back at 8:30 AM, Saturday in the Fellowship Hall.

Yours in Convergence,