Touché June 12, 2015
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Just a Kid

Saul said to David, “You are not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him; for you are just a boy, and he has been a warrior from his youth.” (1 Samuel 17:33)

I just came from Bright Beginnings graduation. It was inspiring.  Daniel (Chisholm) Olker was up front along with Tommy Munson, both kids from our church.  They sang with energy and enthusiasm as they celebrated their graduation from pre-school and their moving up to kindergarten.

This Sunday we will celebrate Children’s Sunday as our Sunday school year comes to a close.  We will also rejoice in another year of ministry with Kids Hope in Gayhead School.  It may be a day when some adults decide to check out because it is “just a kid’s” Sunday, but it is a reminder, as we hear the story of David and Goliath, that God uses kids in miraculous ways.  Those children of the world, who we may consider powerless, have a lot to teach us about the power of God.  We will have an “adult message” acting out the story of David and Goliath. It reminds us that this story many of us learned as a child is really about a kid standing up to the powerful enemies of God’s people and having a child-like trust that his heavenly father will bring him through.  Adam Izzo will be Goliath and Warren Jee will be our David.

Last week we confirmed young people who had been raised in our Sunday school and this week we are reminded of the importance that nurture in the faith is for Christianity.  Sometimes we say that kids are the future of the church, but the biblical truth is that kids are the church today.  When Jesus says that unless you become like a kid you cannot see the kingdom of heaven, he is saying that each of us has much to learn from our kids.

I am hopeful that you will thank the teachers of our church this weekend and the mentors who reflect the mission of our church to Hopewell Junction.  We also recognize the blessing of the ministry of Bright Beginnings; Sue Nieves and Nancy Geysen. who are our teachers, and Jessica Beals, who directs the program.  The need for preschools has been diminishing in our area and last week the consistory decided to subsidize this important ministry of our church.  We are looking at the sustainability of the program in a changing environment.  I encourage you to enroll your kids in the program and encourage your neighbors to consider Bright Beginnings Preschool.

I saw today that God can do a lot through kids. We will hear on Sunday the work that God has done through kids and look forward to what God will do through kids.

Yours from the playground,