Touché June 26, 2015
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Kevin and Robin (Lotze) Froehlich serve with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in Malaysia. This Sunday we commission our youth with a mission as they will serve in Hopewell, Poughkeepsie, Philadelphia, Tennessee and South Africa. It will be a day that will make a difference for eternity. If you read the credos of our confirmands you know the repeated stories of how God became more real for our kids as they move into mission. On these trips they live in authentic community with other Christ followers, they serve in mission and they worship powerfully and consistently. These weeks shape them for the rest of their lives.

In our concluding sermon on calling I ask if your calling is contagious; are you passing faith and a sense of calling to your kids in the next generation? We will look at the legacy of David and, if you know the story, from Solomon to Jeroboam to Rehoboam, the story did not go well. If you read reports and statistics they say that the story is not going well in the U.S.A, today, yet in those same reports say the millennial generation does not want to talk about faith, they want to walk faith. In other words they want to see their faith make a difference in the world and in their community. They are youth that want to be in mission.

What happens this summer for these kids will shape their faith for the rest of their life. I hope that you come out and support them this Sunday. I hope you pray for them this summer, for these youth with a mission will be the ones who carry the faith into the next generation. May the story go well from here.

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(Touché is Pastor Holbrook’s weekly blog named for the French term for “a touch of the heart’ in fencing. It is a personal reminder for him of the call to evangelism. Touché is the name of a friend from long ago.)