Touché July 3, 2015
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Gen Next

….your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions…

 (Acts 2:17b)

For the next six weeks our sons and our daughters shall prophesy.  We will have preachers who were born (some) and bred at HRC who are headed into, or are in, full time ministry in the church.  This is good news of great joy for our church, but also the Christian community.  Gabe Lyons author of  UnChristian has written a new book: “The Next Christians.”  He talks about how a new generation is restoring the faith. His thesis is there is a reformation in the next generation of Christians seeing faith in a new light and in new ways.  He calls these folks “the restorers.”

He outlines this perspective in six categories of seeing things differently.  He says these restorers are:

1)      Provoked, not offended

2)      Creators, not critics

3)      Called, not employed

4)      Grounded, not distracted

5)      In community, not alone

6)      Countercultural, not relevant

It is a hopeful book and his research is reflected in the quality of people who will be in our pulpit in the next few weeks. I hope that you will be here to share in their words and witness as we hear from:

Warren Jee-July 5

Dylan Ackley-July 12

Jen Nieves-July 19

Wesley Joseph-July 26

Patrick Boyd-August 2

Warren Jee-August 9

Before I am back in the pulpit again we will welcome Ebenezer Shaji Bandaru, head of the Metropolitan Mission in India.  He will be a part of our VBS week as the kids will be raising money for a well in India. He will then preach at Hopewell on August 16.  He is a missionary we have supported for many years and he represents the “Next Christians” as well.  The developing world is seeing the fastest and greatest growth in Christianity that history has ever known.

My friends, we live in exciting times for the Christian faith.  This summer will be a reflection of that at Hopewell.  I can hardly wait for what’s next.

In faith,