Touché July 31, 2015
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Sa Bona from South Africa.  The team down here is working amazingly well together as we join with our mission partner, J-Life in South Africa.  It has been a great trip of work, ministry and fun.  The team will be back on Sunday and you can catch up on the trip as they clean the African soil from their work boots.

I am headed to Zambia to see the work of Special Hope ministry which was started by my cousin.  I am hoping that Hopewell will be able to pick up support for them in the future.  You can get a feel for the ministry by clicking here. 

We will have a very special guest preaching at Hopewell this Sunday; Amy Nyland is the new Synod Executive for New York.   She has replaced Jon Norton and has brought a fresh perspective to issues facing the church in the northeast.  She was a pastor in Wisconsin and then in Rockland County, New York.  She started the synod job about a year ago.

You may have noted that our own Pat Boyd was supposed to preach this Sunday, but, as I hope you know and have been praying for, his son Grady has been in the hospital this week after complications for tonsil surgery.  That means that Pat needs to be with his family and his son.  We are sorry to miss him.  The latest news is that Grady is doing better and is home.. The Boyds are in Dallas where Pat is working and attending Dallas Theological Seminary.

I feel that Amy fits into our “Next Gen” series as she will be our Synod leader for the years to come.  I am excited for her to meet Hopewell and get a taste of what is happening here.  She will not be able to linger long after the Foundations service as she has to be home for a party to send her son off to the military (her youngest of three sons;  her middle son attends Hope College.)  I hope you will be out on Sunday to check in with Warren, Lynette and the team and meet Amy and celebrate the next generation of our synod leadership.

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