Touché September 18, 2015
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Wednesdays @ the Well

“The water that I will give will become in them a spring of water gushing up to eternal life.”


I have preached many sermons, some good, some bad, but my true hope for every sermon is for lives transformed by deeper connections with Christ.  I know that most times we sit through a message, consider it good or bad, and walk away from worship with little changing in our lives.  As we have worked through the Ridder Church Renewal, we understand transformation as a process that moves from information, to reflection on what God is saying to us, to practicing how we have been challenged to change.  It is a cycle that takes us deeper and wider in our discipleship.

This fall we will practice what we preach at Hopewell.  Wednesdays @ the Well will work with the message from the Mount on Sunday, giving time for: 1) teaching 2) reflection and 3) small group interaction, preparing us to practice what God is showing us.  I believe it will transform what we do on Sunday by encouraging clear application for our lives on Monday.  This is the essence of 167 Living.

I hope that you will come.  We begin this week, September 23, 7-8:30 PM in the Community Room.  Wes Joseph, our seminary intern, will be coordinating the details and our Ridder team will be facilitating our work.  I believe this will be transformational for what happens Sunday morning by helping us live transformed lives on Monday.

I look forward to seeing you at “The Well.”