Touché December 11, 2015
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Special Hope Network

“…learn to do good; seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow.”           (Isaiah 1:17)

Moment died last Saturday.  He was a Zambian boy I held in my arms on my birthday in July.  I thought he would have died that day.  Imagine the worst picture of a starving child in Africa and you see what I saw in Moment.  He did not need to be starving, but because he had special needs his new step-father had pretty much decided he did not want to deal with Moment and so he failed to thrive.

My cousin and her husband Eric, who started and run the Special Hope Network in Zambia, stepped into Moment’s life to try and help.  They loved Moment through the last days of his life as they have loved many special needs children in Africa by supporting parents, families and the children themselves as they bring hope to special kids.

The deacons voted to include Special Hope in grants given from our Mission Development Fund (see Touché, December 4, 2015).  I am thankful as I have seen firsthand the impact this mission in making in Africa.  Holly has written to thank you and celebrate our connection in supporting this amazing ministry.

Yours for Moment,


Dearest Hopewell Reformed Folks,

We are so very thankful for your support of our ministry, and especially for those of you who will pray for us as we work.  It is a wonderful connection to have my “big” cousin’s church (read: OLDER cousin) supporting our work, especially one who has been here and sees what we are doing every day. We look forward to deeper connections with folks from your congregation, and long for the day we can spend time in worship with you at Hopewell.

If you have Facebook, you can like the Special Hope Network page, and then you will get pictures of our daily work (we don’t post daily, but the pictures on there are very current).  Our website is or .com and the FB page is just Special Hope Network.  That way you know what to pray for, and see pictures of the kids and staff.

Thank you so much,

Eric, Holly, Sam, Maggie and Molly Nelson