Touché January 29, 2016
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Out of India

“For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.” (1 Cor. 3:9)

It seems like I traveled halfway around the world to get back here; well actually I did.  With a few delays and a few surprises, I have made it home.  I will be in the pulpit Sunday in a “Sherwani”, an Indian outfit, and I return to the States inspired and challenged by the church in India and the ministries we support.  I will have a chance to share some things on Sunday and can respond to questions at “Pizza with the Pastor” after both services, but here are some initial thoughts as I reflect on this trip.

Joy-The word for the week was joy.  I saw it again and again on the faces of Christians in India.  They were joyful in receiving us and joy-filled in their celebrations.

Hospitality- Pastor Ebenezer and his family along with the Metropolitan Mission church welcomed me with open arms and showers of flowers.  Every village I went prepared food and flower lays that were placed around my neck.  People from these little churches came out in numbers and waited a good deal of time to make sure that I was welcomed to their church and to their villages.

Metrics: Both Mission India and the Metropolitan Mission have clear measures of what they hope to accomplish.  Mission India expects their church planters to share the gospel with six hundred people, start five prayer cells, have twenty baptisms and start two worshipping groups, all in the year in which they are launched to plant.  Mission India can give you up to the minute stats on how each planter is doing.  They have numbers for the kids they want to reach through their Children’s Bible Clubs and how many adults they expect in their Adult Literacy programs. These numbers are in the hundreds of thousands.  They have the data and they have the measures.  It was amazing to see how clearly and simply they put vision into action and measured it.

Kingdom Centered Growth: We asked one church planter his goals for his work, he said “to see all of India come to Christ.”  The mission of church planting was not to build bigger and better churches, but to see the nation know Jesus.  The Adult Literacy programs that meet in the villages teach about Jesus, but they also talk about finances, health and good villages.  These churches are blessed to be a blessing in the world.

How will all this affect my leadership here?  I am still processing that, but I want you to know that your mission money is going to good places and the dollars that we give here make a difference in a land that has great needs and great promise.

Yours for the kingdom,