Touché February 19, 2016
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Faithwalking: A Journey to Live a Fully Human, Fully Alive Life

“…for we walk by faith, not by sight.”  (2 Corinthians 5:7)

Sunday, Colette Varanouskas will share a brief testimony about her experience with Faithwalking.  In sermons, I have already shared  the profound experience a Faithwalking weekend was for me.  We now are opening up Faithwalking to everyone at HRC.  This weekend we begin our invitation for Hopewell folks to join together at the Taconic Retreat Center for a Faithwalking retreat.  We are praying for fifty people from HRC to gather on April 2 and 3.  I hope you will consider being a part of this.

Faithwalking is one of the program pieces of the Ridder Church Renewal process.  We have stressed that Ridder is not a program that is one and done with a binder, but it is a long term process of transformation beginning one person at a time.  In our spring newsletter I outline the core convictions of Ridder, but here they are in five sentences:

Conviction 1: Personal transformation precedes corporate transformation.

Conviction 2: Spiritual maturity and emotional maturity cannot be separated.

Conviction 3: Learning happens best through a process of acquiring information, reflection and practice.

Conviction 4: Transformation requires a posture of personal responsibility.

Conviction 5: Transformation is the work of the Spirit.

I hope you will take a posture of personal responsibility for your transformation and make it a priority to join us for the weekend.  I am very excited for what this will mean for our congregation and the vision of 167 Living.  From the fifty people who are at Faithwalking we hope to develop five small groups that will continue the transformation journey with Faithwalking 201.  All of these are pieces of the process of walking in faith, being fully human and fully alive.

More information will be available on Sunday and the weeks to follow. You may contact Wes Joseph at with questions or to start the registration process. I look forward to this weekend and the journey that follows.

In Christ,