Touché April 1, 2016
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Faithwalking is Here

“…for we walk by faith, not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7)

This weekend we invite you into an experience of spiritual formation. Spiritual formation is the process of transforming the inmost dimension of the human being in such a way that its natural expression comes from the individual’s truest and best self. Spiritual formation is an ongoing, long-term process that is not a religious activity. Spiritual formation is a human activity. You don’t get to decide if your spirit will be formed. You only get to have some measure of say over who or what forms your spirit.” (From the introduction to Faithwalking)

I am thankful that Faithwalking is here. I believe it encourages significant transformation towards a life that is fully alive and fully human.  I have dealt with many people this week that were going through tough times on their life journey.  Again and again I was reminded of tools from this weekend that would be so helpful for them in working toward wholeness.

I will be back on Sunday for Gatherings with Chris DeVos.  He is a leader from the Ridder Church renewal program.  He will be preaching at Hopewell to give everyone a taste of Faithwalking.  For Foundations I will head to Beacon to preach there so Steve Dambra can be present for all of the weekend as The Reformed Church of Beacon begins the Ridder journey.

I am asking everybody to participate through prayer. Each participant on the retreat has people praying for them.  The prayer partners will receive encouragement to pray at strategic times on the weekend.  I am hoping that all of you sometime today, Saturday and Sunday will lift each of these people in prayer that the Spirit will do a work of transformation in them.

From Hopewell:
Virginia Ardaix, Michelle Baer, Diane Boujikian, Maryanne Congi, Tony Congi, Priscilla Conrad, Steve Dambra, Joe Donato, Julie Donato, Marjory Fiorile, Pam Hansen, Ben Harrington, Taylor Holbrook, Harvey Jennings, Brittany Joseph, Wesley Joseph, Kurt Knoernschild, Leslie McConnell, Mark McConnell, Nelson Nieves, Sue Nieves, Mike Reynolds, Stephanie Reynolds, Lisa Ruvo, Jan Sabellico, Shurawl Sibblies, Bruce Smith, Linda Smith, Colette Varanouskas, Paul Varanouskas, Cyndy Warren, Kevin Warren, Ginnie Young, Diane Volk

Other Participants:
Cheri Kroon, Tim Brand,  Darcy Jaeger-Brand, Arnold Jaeger, Diana Jaeger, Jerri Mattice, Becky Town, Greg Town, Chris DeVos,  Josh Bode,  Marlene Hass, Larry Todd,Sandy Todd, Winnie Visser, John Sparks

Please take some time this weekend to pray for them.

Yours on the Journey,