Touché April 8, 2016
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Hot Button Topics: Homosexuality

“It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us…” (Acts 15:28).

When the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage was the law of the land in June, I promised that we would have an opportunity to address the situation.  I know some were coming to church that day upset that our country and our morality had been turned upside down.  Others came rejoicing that the doors had been opened up for greater equality.

When we set up the preaching schedule in the fall we determined that as Jesus shifts to relationships with each other in Matthew 7 this is the time to address the hot button topic of homosexuality.  I had no idea the Reformed Church in America’s Special Council on Human Sexuality would be meeting this week.

I also could not have imagined that today was the day the Pope would release “Amoris Laetitia” (the Joy of Love) and CNN writes the headline: “Pope to church: Be more accepting of gays, lesbians, divorced Catholics.”

Do you think God put all these things together for Hopewell?  We ask the question tied to one of our core values: what does “Radical Welcome” mean for us?  How far do we go with that welcome, especially when we talk about the divide on the issue of homosexuality?  These next few weeks we will look into that at HRC.

Here is our schedule:

  • This Sunday-The Biblical Teachings
  • Wednesday (W@W) 7:30 PM in Room F- Information-Reflection-Practice on those texts
  • Next Sunday- The Relational Mandate.
  • W@W-April 20 Come hear the perspective of a Christ follower who is gay
  • W@W-April 27 Jen Bendelius- Classis of Mid-Hudson rep to Jerusalem Council will report on that gathering and their recommendation on moving forward.

The Jerusalem Council has been called together by the General Synod of the RCA.  The name comes from the gathering in Acts 15 when the church determined whether gentile Christians needed to follow the Jewish laws as they came into the church. People have been gathered from all areas of the Reformed Church to discern the direction of the Spirit at this time.  You can find out more about this council by going to  Our General Secretary, Tom DeVries, has invited the church to be in a season of fasting and praying during the time leading up to and through their meeting which ends April 18. Click here to sign up to participate in this.

I hope you will be praying for the Church of Jesus Christ, the RCA and HRC in this season of discernment on this hot button topic.

In Christ,