Touché June 24, 2016
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Pam and the Heart of Hopewell

“Give her a share in the fruit of her hands, and let her works praise her in the city gates.”

(Proverbs 31:31)

When Pam came to say that she and Chris would be moving from Hopewell it felt like my heart stopped.  I knew that we would be losing a big piece of the heart of Hopewell when they packed up their house and moved to North Carolina.  She has served here for twenty- four years, a longer tenure than any pastor at HRC—and she has been at the heart of every initiative in ministry in this place.

She began in 1992, part time with the church and part time starting Bright Beginnings, where she was director for many years. In 2008 as she finished her counseling degree she moved to full time with the church.  She began and led a group for mothers. She was on the equipper team for our ChristCare ministry launch and key to Stephen Ministry’s beginning and success. She has developed skits for worship, organized our culture of care at Hopewell, and done more things in more ways than any of us know.  But Pam’s ministry is so much more than the sum of all its parts: she is the heart of Hopewell, a smile, a welcome, and words of encouragement, love, care and counsel.  This has permeated into the DNA of who we are and how we care.

I am sure all of our hearts stopped when we heard news of Pam’s leaving, but I have no doubt the heart beat will go on because of the health that she has nurtured here.  On the day when I first shared the news with the congregation we commissioned fifteen new Stephen ministers.  It may take fifteen people to replace one Pam, but it takes a congregation to reflect the heart that she has put into this place.  Her legacy will be eternally lasting as she has touched lives forever.

We spend this weekend honoring her.  On Saturday evening we will celebrate her ministry, and,  I am sure, cry a few tears.  On Sunday we will pray for her and Chris as they make this transition to Lake George and North Carolina.  At first we had to speed things up because their house sold the first days it was on the market.  Those buyers backed out, so they will still be around till the house sells, but Pam wanted to put the tears behind and have the church start moving on as they move on.

The elders are meeting to determine next steps in filling her position.  Our leaders will determine the ways we deal with the hole in our heart that she leaves behind.  We will keep you posted, but this weekend is a time to say thank you to one who has blessed us all in so many ways.  We will miss this key piece of our heart at Hopewell, but we are thankful for the ways it continues to beat with the culture of care that she has nurtured.

In Christ,