Touché September 16, 2016
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$20,000 in Two Weeks

“We have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us:….the giver in generosity.”  (Romans 12:6,8)

Our fiscal year ends September 30.  That means we have two Sundays left in our giving for this year.  We need to see over and above our regular giving of about $20,000 to be where we need to be by then.  This is a challenge that will take a miracle to accomplish, but I have seen miracles happen here before, almost every year it seems. I was looking through my correspondence file and I pulled up letters I have written in other years.  In 2008 the letter I wrote said we were looking for $45,000 at the end of the year.  We have seen the givers at Hopewell come through over and over again.  Thank you for that.

The deacons did not want to send out a special appeal letter this year, so this Touché will be the only invitation for you to be part of the miracle.    I invite you to unleash the generosity that is in response to the grace given to you, and once again we can celebrate the ways God moves through the people of HRC.  You can click on this link right now to start making this miracle happen, or write a miracle check to put in the plate these next two Sundays.

This past Sunday we celebrated with close to 300 people at the East Fishkill Rec.  It was pure joy to have all our services in one place: Odyssey, Foundations and Gatherings.  We heard the story of Steve Dambra transformed and  transforming.  We heard the wonderful news that he will now be the full time pastor at Odyssey.  It is a miracle that God has worked through our giving in starting that congregation.  This week Lourdes Kleid will share how God has transformed and is transforming her, as she heads towards full-time mission work in the Dominican Republic.  God continues to transform lives by transforming the ministry of HRC.

I pray that you will continue to give to that transformation and together we will see more miracles happening.  $20,000 over and above – it sounds impossible.  We have seen miracles before.  We should not be surprised.

In Faith,