Touché October 28, 2016
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Ode to John Barach

“Well done good and faithful servant!”  (Matthew 25:21)

Ode to John (Sung to the tune-Ode to Joy by Beethoven-Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee)

John our sexton is retiring

We are grieving, he is blessed.

Thankful for his quiet spirit

Cleaning all our constant mess.

He is steady.  He is faithful.

Ever blessing ever blest.

Thank you John for your great service

Now it’s time to take a rest.


Mortals join the happy chorus

As we honor this good man.

Cleaning God’s house, he’s victorious

Emptying all those garbage cans

Spills and messes, grease and scuff marks.

Floors and ceilings, walls and drains

Thank you John for your great caring

Thank you John for constant clean.


He will clean now for his grandkids

Planting sweet corn planting kale

He and Lisa have a trailer

They will travel hill and dale.

Well done now you faithful servant

You have blessed this house of peace.

May your days be filled with gladness

You have earned your just release.


Come and honor John Barach after both services on Sunday as he retires after over 23 years of service to HRC.


In Gratitude,