Touché February 3, 2017
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Winter Wednesdays @ the Well on Worship-February 8, 15, 22-7:00-9:00 PM

In October, the Consistory set up a task force to look at worship at Hopewell.  We stated a goal of getting more people connected in worship.  That group met once and it was obvious from that meeting that many issues were involved in this.  The elders heard the concerns of the task force and have designed a plan to address some of those concerns.  The start is Winter Wednesdays @ the Well on Worship.

We will have three Wednesdays together that will give us the opportunity for information, reflection and practice regarding worship and our patterns at Hopewell.

February 8, 7-9PM – CULTURE – How do worship patterns and lifestyle changes affect our worship at Hopewell?  A key book that will guide our discussion here is Churchless, the Barna group’s recent study on the state of the church in 2016.  (

February 15. 7-9PM – CONTENT – Styles of worship and content of worship are the discussion of this night.  Hopewell has adopted a worship of various styles.  What’s working, what’s not?  This evening will pick up themes from a book by Tom Bandy, Worship Ways.  (

February 22, 7-9PM – CONTROVERSY AND CONNECTION – Are there ways people are disconnecting from worship because of controversies in the church or lack of connections within the church?  This evening will be a discussion of worship in context of other issues in our church.

I hope you will join the elders as we share in these evenings of discussion, discernment and practice that will shape us into the future.  You can prepare for the first discussion by thinking about the things from our culture that have affected your worship patterns, or the patterns of others you know.  Barna’s book points out that increasingly churchless people are becoming the norm.  The number of churchless adults in the United States has grown by nearly one-third in the past decade.  Please give consideration to this before Wednesday.  Feel free to respond to this e-mail with your reflections to add to the discussion.  These will be important conversations.

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