Touché February 10, 2017
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Twitter Touché

“Then the Lord answered me and said: Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so that a runner may read it.”                                                                   Habakkuk 2:2

President Trump must have read Habakkuk when he decided to make foreign and domestic policy through tweets.  I know that my Touchés are too long in an age of twitter.  I write a page a week on major events and leadership issues for our church.  Brain Roberg is helping us with our social media and he says chances are very few people read a whole page of text.  Well this week so much is going on that I thought I might try my hand at a Trump-like Twitter burst of what’s happening.

“Like a rolling stone”-talent show at HRC.  Let’s get together.  Food, fellowship fun at 5:30 Saturday. #HRCsgottalent

“Generous”- Saturday a team of six Shurawl, Mason, Cyndy, Michelle, Wesley and me head to New Paltz to join a learning community in creating congregational cultures of generosity.  #HRCsgotgenerosity

“Leadership”-Sunday we install and ordain Kim Scoralick and Ron Ruvo as Deacons.  Great leaders! Great blessings!  Thanks Nelson and Nancy for your service. #HRCsgotleaders

“Enough”-Sunday, after generosity Saturday, at HRC is looking at a world view of scarcity vs. abundance from Matthew 25.  Scarcity- live in fear. Abundance- live in blessing.  #HRCsgottalents

“Bible 101”- A new round of Bible 101 begins on Tuesday, Valentine’s Day. Basics of the bible. #HRCsgotloveforGodsword

“Winter Wednesdays @ Well on Worship”- This week, 7 PM, we look at content: contemporary, traditional, relational, missional.  What do we do when we worship? Why do we do what we do when we worship? #HRCsgotworship.

Look at that, not even a page.  Hope you made it to the end as you run by the vision today.

Yours on the run,