Touche May 12, 2017
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Will Our Children Have Faith?

“I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that lived first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, lives in you.” (2 Timothy 1:5)

It is my pleasure to introduce our new Children’s Ministry Director, Karen Shogren. Our searchteam headed by Denise Hayes and Kim Scoralick, including Matt and Lauren Fitzgerald, Shireen Gilbert, Kurt Knoernschild and Stephanie Reynolds presented Karen to consistory as the candidate they felt could best lead our Children’s ministry in this next season. Consistory approved their recommendation on Tuesday night. We will celebrate Sheryle Silvern’s ministry on June 19. She will be finished on June 30 and Karen will take over July 1. The month of June
they will be working together to make sure of a smooth transition.

Karen comes with incredible credentials. She has been a teacher in our Sunday school since 2001. She has volunteered at VBS for many years. She has been a leader in youth ministry and youth missions throughout her time at Hopewell. She has been a confirmation mentor five times. She is a Kids Hope mentor and a Stephen Minister. She plays in our Bell Choir. She has been a member of Hopewell since 2000. It was in her time here that Jesus became more than just a name to her. She was raised in the Roman Catholic Church and was faithful in attendance in her
upbringing, that faith became personal through worship, ChristCare, missions and more, when she came to HRC.

She is currently getting a Masters in Social Work and is working with middle school kids in her internship. She has a Master of Science in Elementary Education and is a certified New York state teacher. She has organized and implemented a children’s summer camp at Taconic Retreat Center. She is a nature educator for elementary school kids, a soccer coach and club organizer. Her family has paddled the Boundary Waters Wilderness area when her kids were in diapers. (I added that to her resume, most impressive to me.)

She comes with a great resume, a great spirit and great energy, but her success in this ministry is built around our families. She needs the support, encouragement and faith formation that comes from the family. The Apostle Paul picks up on this when he speaks of the young disciple Timothy. This is my text for Mother’s Day and a biblical reminder that our children have faith  as their parents have faith.

Maybe that is the last piece on Karen’s resume that was not listed. I told my wife that Karen had applied and Cathy said “she has an awesome kid.” Cathy teaches her daughter, Miriam, in 11 A.P. English. That is what I hope is listed on the resume of HRC, “awesome kids of faith.