Touché May 26, 2017
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Tattoo You

“I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” (Isaiah 43:19)

We have some beautiful tattoos on the women joining the church this Sunday. That is a good thing. One is a reflection of her profession as a veterinarian, another is a life story shared in body ink. If you watch the NBA playoffs you have visible reminders of the ways that bodies have become canvases of expression. My son has a Dylan quote on his arm. My daughter has her dog’s name on her leg. (I am sure my eldest will ever have a tattoo.) On my sabbatical in 2013 in Silverton Colorado, the place where I received my call to ordained ministry, a lapsed Mormon missionary tried to convince me to get a tattoo of the word “Touché” somewhere on my body. He directed me to “the Dude” who would give me a great tattoo to remember my days there in the 80’s. Old Covenant laws notwithstanding, I was not ready to come home with that kind of commitment on my forearm or anywhere else.

I say it is a good thing because it reflects the outreach of this church to new generations, new ministry and the new things that God is doing. In an age when membership and institutional connections are down played, we have some folks who are willing to stand and profess faith in Christ and make a covenant with this congregation. That is a good thing. On Sunday we will stand with Kristene Baldwin, Nathan and Megan Snagg and Heather and Jason Swart as they become members at Hopewell. Also there will be Rick Soedler and Melissa Billings, who were part of this group, but are not ready to stand and confess the Christian faith. However, they are part of the journey with this congregation as they have found a spiritual home. Our former Pastor of Outreach, Mark Mast, always talked about the new ways we travel with folks when they belong before they believe. Rick and Melissa have found a place to belong. We are thankful for that as well.

I feel this is a group of the future as a church that has been around for 260 years learns the new things that God is doing. It is exciting. While I did not get a tattoo in Colorado, I am thankful that we are welcoming in some folks who have some beautiful tattoos themselves.

In Christ,