Touché June 9, 2017
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With One Voice

“Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!”  (Psalm 92:5)

Kate Valdivia will do great things for worship and music in the kingdom of God.  She has been our Director of Music Ministry for three years and I have been in awe of her grasp of music, liturgy and worship.  She will conclude her work as paid staff this June, but I look forward to the ways she will share gifts for the kingdom in the years to come and I hope that will be at Hopewell.

This Sunday we thank Kate, our choirs, our bands, our musicians and all who work to make music and worship at Hopewell happen.  These are people who share their time and gifts for God’s glory and our blessing.  At HRC we hold the balance of different styles, instruments and structure for worship, and as we go into the summer we bring those things together and celebrate with one voice.  Music Sunday is the first taste of a summer of praise.  One of the weaknesses of Hopewell’s style is that we can become bogged down in our preferences and styles in the way we are moved in worship.  Music Sunday is a day to be reminded that the Psalms call all people to praise with all instruments and with all styles, but coming from one heart.

I think that Kate has worked on blending our voices and styles together.  Our challenge will be to continue to grow in that, not being divided by the way we sing, but united in the one to whom we sing.

Come this Sunday to praise the Lord and thank those who lead us in that praise.

With One Voice,