Touché September 22, 2017
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It’s Morphing Time

“The Son stands first in the line of humanity he restored. We see the original and intended shape of our lives there in him.” (Romans 8:29, The Message)

Our Faithwalking Retreat in Holmes is sold out for the weekend.  I will be doing the first talk there and bringing it back to Hopewell for my message on Sunday as we prepare for “Fifty Days of Transformation.” This will be the Sunday to sign up for your small group and pick up the Transformed books which will serve for personal devotional books, small group guides and sermon notes for the next two months.  I am excited to join in this journey.

The first talk at Faithwalking is “The Call to Transformation.” In preparation for the talk, I picked up my Faithwalking journal from Houston in 2013.  I was amazed at what I wrote a few months before my son Andrew’s accident – “Set me free to explore the places of discomfort.” The rest of that year would stretch me and change me in ways I never imagined.  As I reflect back on that retreat, I think of all the ways that God was preparing me for the transformation that would follow.

John Ortberg in his book: The Life You’ve Always Wanted writes this:

The primary goal of spiritual life is human transformation.  It is not making sure people know where they’re going after they die, or helping them have a richer interior life, or seeing that they have lots of information about the bible, although these can be good things.  Let’s put first things first.  The first goal of the spiritual life is the reclamation of the human race.  It’s morphing time.

I pray for these next fifty days you will make this your primary goal and together we see where God takes us from here.

It’s morphing time.