Guest Touche from Randy Prentiss
Posted on October 13, 2017 by under Touché,

Hello friends! Greetings from Randy Prentiss!

I am thankful to Taylor for giving me this opportunity to write. I feel like the apostle Paul, as I say …

To the saints at Hopewell, I think of you with joy and fondness, when I remember my time with you, the joys and journeys we shared together, and the work I have seen God doing in you and through you all! To God be the glory!

For those who don’t know me, I had the joy of being on staff at Hopewell from 2001 to 2012. I currently work at the Taconic Retreat Center, near Red Hook.

Can I tell you about a struggle I’ve had? For years I experienced obstacles as I tried to be transformed and become more like Jesus. I struggled to overcome particular issues that I could not break through, even though I had asked God for help.

I’ve discovered that I was not alone. While at Hopewell I came upon the work of Peter and Geri Scazzero. While co-leading a successful church in Queens, NY, Pete and Geri saw that particular issues in their lives threatened the health of their family and their ministry. This launched them on a journey to discover what they now call EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY SPIRITUALITY. See This journey saved their marriage and their ministry. It has helped other believers as well.

“Emotional health and spiritual maturity are inseparable.” Peter Scazzero

Because I have seen the benefit of their work, I have invited two of their trained coaches to lead a one day retreat at Taconic Retreat Center. This retreat is a perfect complement to the 50 Days of Transformation you are currently doing at HRC. On October 22, Taylor will be preaching on Transformed in my Emotional Health. That very weekend we are having this retreat about emotional health and discipleship, at Taconic. Well, that’s interesting!!
I invite any and all of you to attend this one day retreat.


This retreat takes discipleship beyond head knowledge into Christ-like transformation. By integrating scripture, spiritual practices and self-knowledge, participants will discover healthy practices for discipleship that equip them to love God, themselves and others.

DATE: OCTOBER 21, 9:30am – 5:00 pm
PRICE: $95 includes lunch and materials.

People don’t need more to do; people need a healthier spirituality.

I have read their materials, and find myself working through them again. They offer helpful insights, practices, and wisdom. They have an approach to discipleship that is unique and genuinely effective. While not being fluff, this is not going to overwhelm you. The guidance they offer will help you to understand yourself, and has the potential to lead you into greater personal and spiritual freedom.

I invite and encourage any of you who are able, to attend this one day retreat. I invite you to invite friends. We are giving discounts to groups of 5 or more.

I hope to see you soon. If you have any questions, please email me at, or call me at 914-629-8943.

Yours in Christ,