Touché December 7, 2017
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A Choir From the Wilderness

“In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.”       (Isaiah 40:3)

The scriptures in Advent remind us that to get to Jesus you go through John.  To get to Christmas you go through the wilderness.  To get to Jerusalem you go through the Jordan.  To get to deliverance you go through the desert.  To get to a choir you go through crisis. (I added the last one.)

A couple of weeks ago, we had a congregational meeting where people said we were in crisis with no choir at Foundations. The crisis came as we sang some hymns that were particularly challenging and only a preacher with limited musical gifts was up front.  Worship went from glory to grueling; from ecstasy to agony. We recognized the need for a choir.  The crisis in our choir came when our numbers had dropped so low that it was difficult to lead in worship and challenging to sing inspiring anthems.

We have spent the fall in the wilderness and now Wesley is looking to help us get to the Promised Land.  We put out a call to any who would step forward and join choir.  We have twenty people who have responded so far. If you may be interested in leading us through the wilderness, you are welcome to join us tonight at 7 PM at June Nuzzo’s house, 76 Barret Hill Road in Hopewell.  You may e-mail her at  You may also reply to me if you can’t make it, but are interested in choir.

Sunday we look at the theme of heading to the wilderness to be ready for the coming of Christ.  It is the spiritual reality of death and resurrection, confession and forgiveness, breaking down before building up.  Perhaps a crisis in our choir has led us to that point, but as we head toward Christmas, we are reminded by John that this is the way God works.

Hopeful Advent,