Touché January 19, 2018
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Leadership on the Line


“The minister of Word and sacrament does not serve without the elder and neither without the deacon. Together they enable the whole mission of the church. Everything in the church will be done decently and in order when faithful persons are called to office, and responsibly fulfill their charge.”  (From the liturgy of ordination and installation of elders and deacons)

This Sunday, following our Foundations worship, we will have a congregational meeting.  The most important action will be to elect the 2018 consistory. It is a joy for me to prepare you for the meeting by presenting consistory’s recommended slate:

Elders-Kevin Warren and Kurt Knoernschild are done with their terms and Shurawl Sibblies has stepped off of consistory.  The nominees presented are:

Henry Mikhail-aka Hans, is a long time member of Hopewell.  He has served as an HRC deacon and was a leader in his previous church in D.C.  He prepares communion and has been a leader in our ChristCare groups. He is part of HRC’s prayer ministry as well as Kairos prison ministry.

Sheryle Silvern-Sheryle was our children’s ministry director for over a decade.  She is a woman of prayer who reflects the fullness of the fruit of the spirit.  As one who has been engaged in Children’s Ministry she will be a voice for kids at the consistory level.

Cindy Gerber (One year term)-We are asking Cindy to fill Shurawl’s term and move from deacon to elder.  Cindy has a passion for worship and discipleship at HRC.  She has strong connections with our youth ministry.

Deacons-Having Cyndy move from deacon to elder opens up a position as deacon.  Harvey Jennings has completed a three year term. The nominees are:

Jan Bushey-Jan has been a key leader at Odyssey and a well.-trusted leader at HRC.  She is gifted in organization and administration as a retired principal and brings that to the board of deacons.  She has been an initiator of many of the significant initiatives at HRC.

Scott Westgate-Scott has served as a deacon at another Reformed Church.  He works with our Investment Team and his expertise in finance is a gift consistory sensed would be important at this time.

I present to you faithful persons who have agreed to serve and the congregation is invited to vote on Sunday.  I look forward to their leadership and serving with them in ministry.

In Faith,