Touché February 9, 2018
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Leadership on the Line

“Following Christ’s resurrection and ascension, God has given the church apostles, prophets, and teachers, deeds of power, gifts of healing, forms of assistance and leadership.”

(From the RCA liturgy)


This Sunday we will see half of our consistory (our leadership board) change.  We will ordain and install three new elders and install two new deacons.  In the greater Christian church the reformed tradition is unique in that we ordain lay people to leadership.  In every other tradition, ordination is reserved for those who are considered clergy.  We all share in ministry, but some are set apart for the work of leadership.  Ministry leadership is too important to leave just to clergy, therefore, “we stand within a tradition where God calls and empowers deacons, elders, and ministers of Word and sacrament.”

Jan Bushey and Scott Westgate will be installed as deacons.  They have both been ordained to the office before and once you are ordained a deacon you are always a deacon.  I will read these words Sunday, but I thought you might like to have them in front of you as you consider their calling: Deacons are set apart for a ministry of mercy, service, and outreach. They gather gifts and offerings, care for them faithfully, and distribute them with wisdom and compassion to persons in need and for purposes that advance God’s kingdom on earth. Deacons visit and comfort the distressed, provide for whatever necessities may arise, and assist the congregation at services of worship.

 Cindy Gerber, Henry Mikhail and Sheryle Silvern will be ordained and installed as elders.  Here is the description for their work: Elders are set apart for a ministry of watchful and responsible care for the welfare and order of the church. They have oversight of all members, including one another, the deacons, and the ministers, equipping everyone to live in harmony with God’s Word. They ensure the Word of God is rightly proclaimed and taught, and the sacraments faithfully administered. Elders assist the minister/s with their good counsel, and serve all Christians with advice, consolation, and encouragement.

On Sunday, you will be asked this question: Do you promise to encourage and pray for them, to labor together in obedience to the gospel for the unity, purity, and peace of the church, the welfare of the whole world, and the honor of our Lord Jesus Christ?

I hope you answer, with gusto-We do!

 TTogether in ministry,