Touché March 2, 2018
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Keep the Faith

“The righteous live by their faith.”  (Habakkuk 2:4b)

I work from home on Fridays.  I write my Touché in the morning and then work on my message for the rest of the day.  Today it is snowing.  It seems like everybody works from home today and the world takes a break to stop, look and listen.  That is what you will hear Habakkuk do this Sunday, as he stops with his questions and says that he is going to head to a watch post and station himself on a tower until he hears a response from God.  He takes a snow day to stop, look and listen.

What he hears from God is the good news of the gospel.  Paul will take Habakkuk’s statement as a basis for understanding justification through faith.  In Romans and Galatians Paul challenges the idea we are made righteous in what we do in following the law, to being righteous through faith in Christ and the work accomplished on the cross.  I am thankful for Paul’s understanding of grace through faith, but today as I look at Habakkuk I hear another word of hope that is a vision for today.  Faith is the belief that God is working God’s purpose out even when we cannot see it or have all our questions answered.  Ultimately it is faith in the picture that comes to Job at the end of his story, when God says I am God and you are not.  It is the picture of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane that says: “Not my will, but your will be done.”

The big questions of: How Long? Why? When?, may remain with us in times when we do not understand, or see clearly how God is working in our lives or in our world, but the vision that we live by faith and not by sight is what carries us through our lives.  In it we trust God’s purpose and providence in our world.

That was Habakkuk’s vision from the tower and that works as a vision for me on this day when the snow invites us all to stop, look and listen.

In Faith,