Touché March 9, 2018
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Radical Welcome

“Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.”   (Romans 15:7)

“Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.” (1 Peter 4:10)

Inis Westgate brought down the hammer last Sunday.  She said that she needed people to sign up to host coffee time and people did.  She filled all the slots up until June.  Blank pages filled up quickly as they always do when people at Hopewell are invited to serve.  My fear is she will need to bring the hammer down again in June to fill up the pages again and the cycle will go on.

Sunday morning is alive in our fellowship hall.  There is a buzz that is contagious as people new and old walk into a welcome at HRC.  Every Sunday new people are coming to Hopewell. Studies show that a person decides within the first five minutes whether or not they will return to a church.  The way we welcome is a witness to the Gospel.

Everyone plays a part in this welcome. The most daunting moments in the church may be the thirty seconds you are new and standing alone in the fellowship hall.  Everybody may be talking and a new person can feel on the outside looking in.  I invite each of us to make it our ministry to meet one new person a week as we come to church.  God is glorified in this.

From the general welcome to particular service is an invitation to each of us as we are gifted.  There are four key areas of serving that people can sign up for.  You can use this Touché as an opportunity to sign up. Hit the corresponding “e-mail” link below and let the leader know you are ready to serve:

Greeters:  These are friendly faces that make sure that everybody who walks through the door is welcomed when they come to worship.  Barbara Jennings (e-mail) makes this schedule and would be happy to welcome you to this ministry.

Ushers: From the hand of the greeter to the welcome of the ushers these folks make sure you have a place to sit and the materials you need to feel comfortable in worship.  Ann Bell (e-mail) schedules ushers and would be happy to help you serve here.

Coffee Hosts:  You saw Inis give the challenge on Sunday, and she is ready and willing to give you a slot on her list. (E-mail)

Kiosk: These servants occupy the Kiosk to answer questions, welcome new comers and oversee the information that is passed out for the day of the signups for different activities as HRC.  Jan Sabellico coordinates this ministry. (E-mail)

Radical welcome is one of our core values and each of us plays a key part.  I hope all of us will find a particular place to serve and the signup sheets stay full.  I don’t want Inis to have to bring the hammer down again.

In Welcome and Service,