Touché March 23, 2018
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Leadership Down the Line

“Good leadership is a channel of water controlled by God; he directs it to whatever ends he chooses.”                                                                              (Proverbs 21:1 The Message)

At our organizational meeting last week consistory lined up the leadership ledger for 2018.  I invite you to keep these names in front of you when you have comments or concerns about various areas of ministry at HRC.  The church works well together when leadership and the body work well together.

President of Consistory:         Taylor Holbrook

Vice President of Consistory: Elder John Young

Head Deacon:                         Mason Johnson

Executive Committee:             John, Mason and Me- John and Mason work as my liaisons

Clerk of Consistory:                Deacon Jan Bushey


Consistory Liaisons

Administration:                       Working with Birgit Chisholm-Deacon Jan Bushey

Building and Grounds:            Working with Nelson Nieves and Carl Nussle-Deacon Ron Ruvo

Children’s Ministry;                 Working with Karen Shogren- Deacon Kim Scoralick

Caring Ministries:                    Working with me-Elder Sheryle Silvern

Discipleship:                            Working with Wesley Joseph-Elder Henry Mikhail

Finance:                                   Working with Lisa Ruvo-Deacon Scott Westgate

Worship:                                  Working with Wesley Joseph-Elder Bruce Smith

Youth:                                      Working with Warren Jee- Elder Cindy Gerber

I have always been thankful for good leadership at Hopewell.  As we are planning for the service of Steve Conklin on Thursday I am reminded of our humble, faithful capable leaders that have been the history here at Hopewell.  Please pray for consistory, staff and me as together we equip the church for the work of ministry.

In Christ,