Fall Sermon Series: 167 FaithWalking

Taylor Holbrook - October 26, 2014

Missional Living

October 26, 2014 | 167 Faithwalking | Missional Living | Matthew 22:34-36 | PastorTaylor Holbrook

From Series: "167 Faith Walking"

In a series of parables in Matthew, Jesus looks at those who profess faith, but reject the deeper implications of what that means. This fall will be a opportunity for us all to reflect on how we can be consistent in what we profess and what we reflect through the teachings of Jesus and the understanding of the Faith Walking model. For the Sundays of September and October we will be looking at 167 Faithwalking in the parables of Matthew as Jesus, through these parables, invites us to live into grace not simply in word, but at the very center of who we are. This is emotionally healthy spirituality, and contrasts a spirituality that is often legalistic, ritualistic or tribalistic. This is what I have been longing to live into as a pastor for my entire ministry. “It would be nice if the redeemed looked more redeemed” said Robert MacAfee Brown That is what Faithwalking is about. We are planning to close this time of teaching with a Faith Walking retreat, October 24 and 25 at Hunter Mountain. Keep an eye on your weekly announcements for more details

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