Find Your Gifts

Do you know your spiritual gifts? Our spiritual gifts are not simply our natural abilities or talents (there is that aspect to us as well, but it’s a different part of us). They are special, unique gifts given to believers by God through the Holy Spirit to empower them for the ministries of the church and the call of God in their lives. We do not choose these gifts-God does. These spiritual gifts are powerful attributes of our individual being, yet intended for use beyond our own personal well-being.

How to Do It

To help each of us become aware of our gifts, we’ve made available a spiritual gifts self-assessment tool. You can find it at our kiosk in the Fellowship Hall at 143 Beekman Road, or at at if you’d rather use an on-line version. We’d like to encourage everyone to complete the process – it can be eye-opening!

After you’ve used this tool (or maybe you’ve used a different version at another time) and you’ve discovered those wonderful gifts, you might be wondering what to do next. We invite you to contact one of our pastors so that they can help you figure it out.  They can review with you all of the ministries that we currently have, (and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can certainly add to the list!), find out what your schedule is like and what kind of experiences you’ve had so far. They can help you find something that you can do once a year or something you can do every day! It can be “easy” or more challenging. It can be done at home by yourself or in a group with lots of people. (Is this starting to sound like “Green Eggs and Ham”?) And if you’ve “been there, done that” we bet we can even find something brand new just for you!

But we have to remember (using these thoughts from the RCA’s website), “these are spiritual gifts for the building up of Christ’s kingdom. The primary purpose of a spiritual gifts assessment is not simply to find people who can be slotted into openings in your current church structure. Rather, it is to identify and celebrate the unique gifts God has planted in each of us, and to ask how God is calling us to use our gifts to make a difference in the mission and ministry of our church. Be warned: this might shake things up a bit!” Are you ready to get things shaking?